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Ghana Greater Accra Tema Teaching & Training How To Develop Apps and Games and Publish on Google Playstore

How To Develop Apps and Games and Publish on Google Playstore

Offered By: Joseph Akuffo, MEMBER


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We provide online training (WhatsApp, Telegram) on how you can use your smartphone to develop Android Apps and Games and Publish on Google Playstore without any coding.

These are my apps running on Playstore.

Myjoy Fish Game
Myjoy Browser
Myjoy Afrikent (Sale of Kente)
Myjoy Guess The Picture

Requirements: Smartphone or Computer, Data. (NO CODING)

Phone OS: Android

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Day 1: Developing *Video Call & Chat App*

Day 2: Developing *Fish? Game*

Developing *Object Coloring Game*

Day 3: Developing *Word Search/Puzzle Game*

Day 4: Developing *Quiz/Exams App*

Day 5: Developing *Website App*

Developing *Spin the Bottle Game*

Day 6: Creating *Admob Account*

Day 7: Becoming an *Android App Developer*

Part 1 *-Publishing* your App on Playstore

Part 2 *-Publishing* your App

Day 8: *Placing Ads (adverts)* on your App

Day 9: *-Updating/Editing* your Apps

- *Unpublishing* your App

- Adding *Premium Features* to your Apps

- How to Appeal to Google to *restore a suspended App*

- *Calculating your earnings* from your published Apps

1. I will introduce to you *3 different platforms to Develop your Apps*

2. Developing Android app is *not difficult* as you think. You can use *at most 10 mins* to create any app you want.

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Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana, 233,

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