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Ghana Greater Accra Ga East Municipal Mobile Phones IPHONE X 128GB


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Iphone x 128gb
Battery health 99%
this phone is slightly used
We covered this and more in detail during our original iPhone X review alongside our usual plethora of tests. But what would the iPhone X be like to live with on a day to day or, indeed given how often we interact with our phones, an hour to hour basis? Would it be a case of simply learning to adjust and re-program our muscle memory or would it be such a fundamental change that things would never be the same again for better or for worse?

Rest assured, we'll try and answer those as well as any other questions you may have about the iPhone X. For example, what's the real-world performance from its A11 Bionically enhanced brains? What new goodness do this year's cameras bring? Plus, in another iPhone first how about that wireless charging?

Three of us have been using the iPhone X's as our daily drivers, so we'll cover these questions and more in this long-term review.

More information:

Condition: Slightly used

Location Address

Ga East Municipal, Greater Accra, Ghana, 233,

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