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New Launching 2nd Bitcoin Mining app (Satoshi BTCs)

Offered By: Abdul Ganiyu Ali,


Call: 0554192601

Real and Legit New Launching 2nd Bitcoin Mining app and earn daily $1 to $888 in Give away.

Don't waste your time hurry up
Miss BTC! Take BTCs

Get Free 2nd launching Bitcoin through Mining become millionaire and Billionaire Now
You Missed Mining Bitcoin in 2009 , Don't Miss Now BTCs Free Mining

Satoshi Nakamoto's Created Second Coin BTCs, Don't Miss It
Click this link & Register


BTCs Mainnet will be lunched on 09 June 2022 and
withdrawal will be Activated. 1 BTCs will be equal to 1 ETHEREUM.

App mining will end on 12 December 2022
After that 1 BTCs price will be half of 1BTC
That's why it's called SECOND BITCOIN
Keep mining and change your future you're all millionaires

Miss BTC! Take BTCs

Free BTC Reward & BTCs Mining
Mobile mining end 12/12/2022
1 BTCs = $10000+ IN Future
TOTAL 2.1b Only

How to Complete Registration Process and Start Mining
1) Click on the link.

2) Click Sign up.
3) Enter your email address and do next.
4) A verification code will be sent to your email. Enter it in the box in one minute and next.
5) Enter the password twice. Click Register, ok.
6) Click on Download app, ok, click Open.
7) Click on mining at the bottom of the page.
8) Click Start mining. Before clicking on Start mining, put the number of NIN / Passport / Driving licenses with which you want to do KYC Verification.
9) Click on Verify.
10) Enter your Full Name and ID number and click Start Face Verification. Automatic selfie camera will be on. Then say ...

Rise your head slowly,
Down your head slowly,
Left site your head in slowly,
Right site your head in slowly,
Open your mouth and close your mouth,
### There is no problem even if you can't do it once. Retry will come, try again. However, the speed of the net must be good during registration and face verification. Mining will not start without face verification.
11) Then Submit and Confirm. Come back and click on mining

#Satoshi Mining
Very Important message

The mining will automatically suspend if 150 blocks have not been received.
So make sure you click "RECEIVE BTCs Button" before reaching 150 blocks within every 24hrs)

Satoshi BTCs has continued to release over $50k worth of BTC on weekly basis via BTC giveaway. They have spent over $2m in the last 12 months.

This project team ain't here for a joke. We advise everyone mining BTCs to take it serious and make sure that you claim your mined BTCs on daily basis without waiting for the 150 blocks to elapse.

There's intense security upgrade going on the Satoshi app mining for some days now, in preparation for the test network ( testnet ) as most miners were prompted to retake facial verification.

How to participate in the BTC Giveaway

- Click on mining, Select BTC Giveaway.
- Click on Rule Description.

After reading it, go back & available votes. Tap on B, T, C to input any number of your choice. When you're done, go ahead with your mining. You might be among the lucky winners.

Summation of the numbers shouldn't exceed available votes, but can be lower or equal.

*Eligibility:* You must have at least one referral who is verified (previous week); that'll fetch you 100 votes.

Get 20% extra BTCs & Bitcoin earning on Level 1 Referral & Get 10% extra BTCs earning & BTC on Referral 2 Level

#How to Get Your Referral link and Share your with your friends

Click on recruit miners at the top of the app to copy your referral link in order to invite others friends and relatives for increase your btc earning and Mining 20% extra

# Contact me after account open, there are some more issues, I will explain them 💰

Please interested people should WhatsApp me 0554192601

Increase Mining Speed ​​WhatsApp the above number to use gift cards and hash cards.

More information:

Condition: New

Location Address

Awutu Senya East, Central, Ghana, 233,

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