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Ghana Western Sekondi Cameras & Camcorders Mini Button Hidden Spy Camera

Mini Button Hidden Spy Camera



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Product functions: close range hot spot direct link monitoring, remote WiFi monitoring, local storage video, camera with microphone to listen to sound


Master chip: Hayes

Lens resolution: 1920 * 1080p

Lens pixel: 200W

Video format: avi

Lens angle: 90 degrees

Mobile monitoring distance: straight line 6M

Night vision distance: 5m (this requires better light to assist in night vision, and the night vision function in dark environment is general)

Battery capacity: 500 mA

Continuous shooting time: about 1 hour

Charging power cord 80cm

Memory card: 128G maximum support (excluding)

Camera original security password: 123456

App Name: lookcam

App interface: it has brightness adjustment, picture saturation adjustment, night vision mode switch and indicator light switch, which can operate screenshot and video recording. " Advanced setting "option can set alarm, night vision switch and other functions

Working mode: short range hot spot connection (hot spots brought by the product, effective distance about 10 meters); Remote WiFi monitoring


1. Super mini body design, extremely portable. Button design, suitable for clothing, pants button installation, suitable for meeting minutes, classroom records, outdoor shooting, etc. Suitable for home hidden monitoring

2. 1920 * 1080p HD lens, clear monitoring

3. Short range hot spot connection monitoring + Remote WiFi monitoring, local video recording, complete functions.

4. With clear microphone, recording monitoring sound

5. With mobile detection and alarm function, there are abnormal prompt

6. Built in 500mA battery, it can shoot continuously for about one hour. Household can be connected to the power cord

7. Equipped with USB plug and power cord, it can record while charging.

How to use:

put the camera into the formatted C10 memory card, turn it on → wait for a while to find the hot spot of the camera (starting with F) at the WiFi of the mobile phone, connect without password → enter the app, and the camera is online. At this time, you can directly view the monitoring screen, and modify the device access password (original password 123456) → click settings on the right to enter advanced settings, Click on WiFi connection configuration to guide the camera to connect to WiFi. This page can also open alarm, set local video, infrared night vision, modify password, restart camera, restore factory settings, etc. → after connecting WiFi, wait for the camera to restart, then remote monitoring can be realized. For more information, see the manual.


1. The product access password is 123456, which can be modified in time

2. When the product is in use, if it gets stuck or can't enter the picture, you can first press the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the camera

3. It is normal for the camera to have heat when it is in use, which will not affect the normal service life and function of the camera

Package Include:

1 x WiFi button camera

1 x Micro USB power cable

1 x Card reader

1 x Reset needle

1 x User Manual

More information:

Condition: New

Location Address

Sekondi, Western, Ghana, 233,

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