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About Us

Nationton Republic is an online technology, a digital multipurpose platform, a professional service provided by Nationton Information Technology.

Nationton Republic was started by a top software programmer and advanced web developer, Nation Kyei Long-Freeman, a young Ghanaian who began it in 2016 as a powerful solution for organizations and individuals.

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman began the Nationton initiative in 2013 in the University of Ghana as a students' association called Nationton Researching Crews. Nationton Researching Crews was a student associations' in the University of Ghana where students tried to go the extra mile to apply knowledge and skill to do research and solve problems in Ghana and Africa.

Over the years, the life of Nation Kyei Long-Freeman has been about problem solving. He believes that the culture of problem solving is one important instrument that Ghana and Africa lack. He is concerned that instead of the education in Ghana training students into problem solvers, the education trains them into job seekers. He criticises Ghana's education saying, "Instead of training students into problem solvers, you train them into job seekers; instead of training students into problem solvers, you train them into job hunters. Train the students into problem solvers, not job seekers; train the students into problem solvers, not job hunters."

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman believes that his ability to write codes and develop software is divine,  a gift from God as he taught himself to code and began to write program within three weeks of focusing on learning how to code.

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman's strategy as a problem solver is to create a solution in chain reaction such that for example, a solution to problem A leads to solving problem B and a solution to problem B leads to solving problem C and a solution to problem C leads to solving problem D and continues in that way. This idea is what he has implemented in Nationton Republic which he developed with the intention to bring liberation to people and free people from problems. He has created it such that the success of Nationton Republic will lead to the success of organizations and individuals in the homes, villages, towns, cities, states/regions and the countries. 

 Nation Kyei Long-Freeman is the who one who developed from scratch The FOJ web application with which Nationton Republic is built. What Nationton Republic does is that it provides organizations and individuals with professional tools to do business and promote their initiatives. It helps them take advantage of the power of the internet, establish their presence on the online,  convey their products and services to customers across the whole world to facilitate faster buying and selling and the promotion of business and initiatives. 

Nation Kyei Long-Freeman is being  assisted by his junior brother, Isaac Kyei Anto who assists him financially and also in web development, marketing and the running of Nationton Republic as a whole. Isaac Kyei Anto is in Nationton Information Technology and Nationton Republic as a brother to Nation Kyei Long-Freeman and a part-owner of both Nationton Information Technology, Nationton Republic as well as The FOJ web application.

The challenge that we face so far is that many people in Ghana still do not yet know about the power of the internet and its ability to facilitate problem solving and business. Also many people do not yet know the difference between Ponzi Scheme and affiliate marketing. While Ponzi scheme is largely frowned upon, affiliate marketing is perfectly legal and widely accepted worldwide. Affiliate marketing is very common among electronic products such as eCommerce platforms, web hosting services, digital marketing services and software products. Google and eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and almost all web hosting companies around the world implement affiliate marketing to facilitate the sales of their products and at the same time, provide job and income to companies and individuals.

Nationton Republic also has implemented affiliate marketing as part of its marketing strategy to facilitate its marketing and at the same time provide job and income to its customers. The affiliate marketing program which Nationton Republic implements is perfectly legal, beneficial to business and the economy and does not harm the country. Nationton Republic rejects Ponzi scheme and does not permit it on its platform. Problem solving is what all our services and strategies are about. You will love Nationton Republic if you love smart ways of solving problems.

Nationton Republic is of divine origin; it is God's intention and God's gift, one of the major solutions that from time to time, God sends down to bless this world. From time to time, God brings down a major breakthrough as a divine intervention to continue to advance His purpose.

Truth is our way; good is our purpose.