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Security on Nationton Republic

Take your security on the internet seriously. Here are security tips we give you to help you stay safe while using Nationton Republic:

  • Our official numbers are 05340477230260422505, 0548561520, & 0501052615

  • Please save our official phone numbers on your phone.

  • If any person calls you with any phone number that is not our official number, note that that person has not been authorized by Nationton.

  • Avoid giving personal details to people who call you.

  • Keep your Nationton Republic password secret to yourself.

  • When advertising your products and services, on Nationton Republic, post only genuine products.

  • Do not advertise illegal or stolen products on Nationton Republic.

  • If you contact any seller, please try to ensure payment after delivery of product of service.

  • Avoid physically meeting strangers in insecure places.

  • Do not advertise on Nationton Republic, medical products, packaged food, cosmetics, household chemicals that are not approved for use in Ghana by the Food & Drugs Authority of Ghana or not approved for use in your country by the equivalent authorised agency in your country.

  • If your advert is about medical products, packaged food, cosmetics, household chemicals, other than supplements, do not post the advert on Nationton Republic unless the advert has been approved by Food & Drugs Authority of Ghana or the authorized agency in your country and the advert has not been altered since its last approval by the Food & Drugs Authority of Ghana or the equivalent authorized agency in your country.

  • Do not try to receive money from anybody on behalf of Nationton Republic.

  • If you want to pay money to Nationton, please pay to only official numbers. Do not pay any money meant to be paid to Nationton to unauthorized people.

  • We do not do investment, banking, savings, loans or financial services whatsoever on Nationton Republic; we do not accept principal savings or deposits and we do not promise or pay interest.  

  • Nationton Republic is not an investment or financial website.

  • Be careful what you say to people in the name of Nationton because you are responsible for what you say.