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Frequently Asked Questions

By Nationton Republic Help & Guide

Popular Questions: 

  • What is Nationton Republic in brief?
    Nationton Republic is an online business platform where you can advertise your products & services, promote your business or organization, get premium websites for free and also earn money by referring people to join Nationton Republic.

  • How much must I pay to join Nationton Republic?
    GHS10 is the amount you will pay to join Nationton Republic for a while year.

  • After a year of having joined Natiionton Republic what will happen to my Nationton account?
    After a year of having joined Nationton Republic, your Nationton Republic account will expire; you will have to renew your account to continue to enjoy Nationton Republic.

  • Is there age restriction regarding registering for account on Nationton Republic?
    We permit people 18 years old and above to join Nationton Republic. Those are below the age of 18 may not register for Natointon Republic unless under supervision of their parents.

  • Which type websites can I get after I join Nationton Republic?
    (a) Your own profession jobs website  where employers post job vacancies and job seekers search for job and even make money connecting employers & job seekers.
    (b) Yor own professional corporate website for your company or organizations.
    (c) Your own news & blog website where you can publish blog and new items and even make money blogging.

Questions About Earning Money on Nationton Republic

  • How can I make money on Nationton Republic?
    Simply use your referral link to invite people to Nationton Republic. For each person you invite that joins Nationton Republic, we pay you GHS9.

  • How does Nationton Republic calculate my earnings?
    If you invite 1 person, you earn GHS9,
    If you invite 2 people, you earn GHS18,
    If you invite, 3 people, you earn GHS27, and so on.

    Multiply GHS9 by the number of people you invite that join Nationton Republic. That is how much you earn on Nationton Republic

  • What is the maximum amount of money I can earn by inviting people to join Nationton Republic?
    We have not put a maximum limit on the amount of money you can earn on Nationton Republic. The more people you get to join Nationton Republic, the more you earn money.

  • How many people am I allowed to invite to join Nationton Republic?
    You are permitted to invite as many people as you can invite.

  • How will Nationton Republic pay me?
    We pay you via mobile money. Simply log into your account, request for payment, you will receive your payment in about 1 hour.

  • What is the minimum amount of money I can withdraw?
    GHS9 is the minimum amount of money you can withdraw. That means, even if you get one person to join Nationton Republic, you can receive your GHS9 payment.

  • Does Nationton pay weekly or monthly or when? When will Nationton pay me?
    It is part of our arrangement to pay everyday, from Monday to Friday; if you request for payment on any working day, then within 1 hour in that same day, you are to receive your payment.

Questions About Acquiring Professional Website From Nationton Republic 

  • I want to have a website for my business or organization. How do I get it from Nationton I.T?
    Simply download from your Nationton Republic account the type of website you want; install it on your server and you have or yourself or your organization, a professional website.

  • What is the source of the website which Nationton Republic has made available to download and install as my own website?
    Nationton I.T is a top programing and web development company in Ghana. The application which you download from your account to install as your website was originally programmed and developed from scratch by Nationton I.T for professional use and have been made available t you because of your membership on Nationton Republic.

  • So am I not be worried about copyright regarding my downloading and using website from my Nationton Republic account?
    We are the original creators of The FOJ web applications. We are the only holders of copyright regarding The FOJ web applications. As long as you use the applications according to our terms and conditions, you have no copyright issues to worry about.