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How to earn money on Nationton Republic

3rd June 2021 Help & Guide

Nationton Republic is uniquely beneficial:  

  1. After registering for Nationton Republic, you get referral link.
  2. You may place your referral link anywhere on the internet including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and any of the social media platforms.
  3. If any person clicks on your referral link and creates valid account on Nationton Republic, right away you earn GHS9.
  4. Similarly if someone creates valid account on Nationton Republic and writes your username or nickname on the account as the person who invited him to join Nationton, you earn GHS9.
  5. The more people create valid accounts on Nationton Republic via your referral link or username, the more money you earn.

The calculation is as follows for all valid accounts created via your referral link or username:

  • If you invite 1 person, you earn GHS9,
  • If you invite 2 people, you earn GHS18.
  • If you invite 3 people, you earn GHS27,
  • If you invite 4 people, you earn GHS36.
  • if you invite 5, you earn GHS45.

Multiply GHS9 by the number of people you invite, that is how much you earn.

Therefore, if you invite e.g. 100 people, you earn GHS9 x 100 = GHS900.

If you invite 1000 people, you earn GHS9 x 1000 = GHS9000 and so on.

The more you invite people to join Nationton Republic, the more money you earn.

We pay you via mobile money and the good news is that, even if you earn GHS9, we pay you.

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