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How You Could Be Earning GHS140,000 From Coconut Farm Every Year in Ghana

4th March 2022 By Nationton Republic Business & Technology

Coconut farming is a very profitable business. According to a document on the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationsí website, on the average, one coconut tree may bear 70 to 100 coconuts to maximum of 150 coconuts. Suppose that you plant 1000 coconut trees; assume that each coconut tree bears only 70 coconuts. That would mean you would have 70,000 coconuts. Currently the price of dry coconut on the market ranges from GHS3.5 to GHS4 and above. Assume that you would sell your coconuts for GHS2 only each. That would give you 70,000 coconuts ◊ GHS2 = GHS140,000. If then, every year, you would be earning GHS140,000 from your coconut farm, that would be awesome. Think smart--you could extend your assumption to earning millions of dollars per year from coconut farming. As Napoleon Hill says, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Note also that coconuts are part of the cash crops that Ghana exports. The assumption in this article is quite simplistic. The purpose of the article is to draw your attention to it that coconut farming is profitable in Ghana. According to an article on My Joy Online, coconut could be the next big export in Ghana after cocoa. Compared to other cash crops such as cocoa, coconut is easy to cultivate and produce. You could start a small scale of coconut farm and expand your farm as time goes on. According to Wikipedia, it may take about 6 to 10 years for coconut to bear fruit after planting it. However, generally, it is reported that dwarf coconut takes about 4 to 6 years to bear fruit after they are planted.

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