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The Man Who Carried a Car On His Head

23rd March 2022 By Nationton Republic News

Not only did he carry a car on his head, he balanced the gutted mini car and all its weight on his head and won for himself, a Guinness World Record. The 75-year-old man is called John Evans and he is known for balancing heavy objects on his head and is popularly described as head balancer. The car weighed as much as 159.6 Kilograms (352 lb).  John Evans earned this record, “Heaviest car balanced on the head” on 24th May, 1999 at The London Studios, London, England, according to the Guinness World Record. Below is a video of John Evans tackling the amazing record of the heaviest car balanced on the head.

The red gutted mini car was sitting on a lifting machine raised high so that John Evans put a pad on his head and went under the car while standing on his feet, then carried the car on his head, balanced the car on his head, let his hand go off the car and began to walk around for a while. He balanced the car on his head for 33 seconds. When he was done, he went close to the lifting machine and with the help of the  machine got off the car from his head. 

According to Inside Edition,  John Evans held 99 Guinness World Record as at the year 2021, December, 24. The Indian Express reports a famous quote that John Evans said about himself, “I’ve got one eye, I’m a diabetic, I’ve got asthma, I‘ve got angina and after all is said and done I’ve got 98 world records,” revealing that he has not allowed his health condition to stand in the way of his talents and his world records — a great inspiration to many. You can search for the Guinness World Records of John Evans on the official website of Guinness World Record. 

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