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Three things you can do to become rich quickly in Ghana

The following three things are very powerful, proven and effective things you can do to become rich quickly in Ghana. Do not underestimate their effectiveness. If really you want to be rich and you commit yourself to at least one of them, your chance of becoming rich is very high.

I will list them and I will show you what you can do to make them your own rich venture. These three things are:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Nationton Republic
  3. Web hosting affiliate marketing

Google AdSence:

Google’s AdSense revenue in 2020 was $146.92 billion according to Statistica. Google is sharing this $146,92 with you. All you have to do is get a free blog or a website; put quality content on the blog or the website; get people to read on your blog; let Google Advertise on that blog or website and then earn a part of the $146.92 billion. It is as simple as that. Many people are aware of this open secret and they earn more than $10,000 (GHS 62, 950) so what they do is that, they do blogging. That means, they set up their blog or website and on the blog, they write articles about politics, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, food, news and other areas of interest. After that, they share their articles from their blog to social media to get people  to read the articles. The more people read the articles, the more they earn money in dollars from Google AdSense. I am sure you often meet articles on social media and you click on them to read them on blogs or website. The more you read, the more the owners of the articles make money. Google AdSence is a very effective income generator so if you want to be rich, you may give it a try. The minimum revenue that Google AdSense pays is $100 (GHS628) and it pays monthly. You can click here to create a free blog to do blogging for AdSense .

Nationton Republic

Another powerful thing you can do to get rich quickly in Ghana is Nationton Republic. Nationton Republic pays direct commission of GHS9 or GHS70 per each single valid referral. Supposing you are a member of Nationton Republic, then you will have a referral link. If you share the referral link on social media like Facebook and people click on your link to register validly on Nationton Republic via the referral link, then you earn commission. The more people click on your referral link to register, the more of GHS9 or GHS70 flow into your account. So, for example, if 1000 people click on your link to register validly via your referral link, then you would earn GHS9,000 to GHS70,000. It is that very simple. If you have many friends and followers on social media like Facebook, Tiktok or Youtube, you could be earning more than GHS1,000 every single day through the Nationton Republic affiliate program. Nationton Republic is not just about referrals. It is a professional platform used to advertise products and services and promote businesses. You can read through the service of Nationton Republic and if you like the service, you can pay GHS10 or GHS100 to register for the service.  But after you have registered for the service, you will also have a referral link through which you could earn GHS9 or GHS70 per each valid referral. Nationton Republic pays you fast. If you earned commission today, then you could get your commission paid to you today even if it is GHS9 you earned. Nationton Republic pays you the commission through mobile money.

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing

You could earn up to $2,500 (GHS15,716) per a single sale from web hosting affiliate marketing. When you subscribe to become affiliate of a web hosting company, then you get referral link, and when you put the referral link somewhere on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok etc, then anytime that someone clicks on your referral link to purchase one or more of the products of the webhosting company through the referral link, you earn commission. What makes web hosting affiliate marketing notable is that, it is simple, easy to do and profitable as well. You could promote your referral link internationally and get international clients. One of the best web hosting affiliate marketing programs that I recommend is that of Mocha Host. Mocha Host   provides cheap and quality web hosting products. They also pay a large commission of 50% per sale when the sale occurs through your referral link. Thus, according to them, you could earn up to $2,500 (GHS15,716) per a single sale. If then you make selling web hosting your business, you could be promoting the products of mocha host through your referral link and be earning 50% commission on each sale. Mocha Host Affiliate program is free to participate and you can register for free here and even get free sign-up bonus of $10. The minimum commission that Mocha Host pays is $100 (GHS628). When a customer purchases a product from Mocha Host, Mocha Host credits the commission to your account after 3 months of the purchase if the customer does not cancel the purchase.  Mocha Host pays your earned commission through Paypal and Wire transfer.

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