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What Are the Benefits of Joining Nationton Republic?

We have designed Nationton Republic with the intention of helping you to benefit from your use of the internet. The benefits on Nationton Republic include: 

(1) Promoting Your Products & Services, Business & Organization

  • Advertise your products & services to get buyers on our online marketplace
  • Increase sales & revenue of your products and services rapidly.
  • Establish  your business presence on the internet and reach many customers,

(2) Acquiring Professional Website

Nationton I.T has created The FOJ application which you can install on your web server to make neat, powerful & professional website within minutes. You have access to these applications as long as you have active account on Nationton Republic

  • Get your own professional jobs website to do your own business and even make money out of it.
  • Get professional corporate website for your company or organization whatever institution you are whether you are an individual or a group.
  • Get news & blog website to do your own professional blogging and news publication.

(3) Of Course Earning Money From Recommending Nationton Republic to Friends and Family

  • After registering for Nationton Republic you get a referral link
  • When you have used the online marketplace service and or The FOJ web application and have found them useful, you may copy your referral link to recommend the service of Nationton Republic to people. If someone registers for valid account on Nationton Republic via your referral link, we pay you.
  • We pay you GHS40, GHS51 or GHS70 for  every single valid account that people create on Nationton Republic via your referral link or your username.
  • The more people register validly via your referral link or username, the more we pay you and the more you earn money.