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What Exactly is the Problem that is Killing Ghana?

1st March 2022 By Nationton Republic Country, Law, Government and Politics

Barely a day goes by without someone in Ghana complaining about a problem or blaming the government of Ghana for some problem. So now the question is what exactly is the problem that is killing Ghana? Do you know? Unless we know the exact problem that the country faces, can we provide the correct solution that the country needs?

So, what does the government of Ghana say the problem of Ghana is? What do schools in Ghana say the problem of Ghana is? And what do you say the problem of Ghana is? Let us be concerned about the problems in our country and adopt as part of us, the culture of problem solving so that we go about life with strategy. We cannot just go about life anyhow we want and expect that we get the optimum results we seek.

Ghana belongs to you as it belongs to me and you would sure want to govern it as efficiently as you could just like your own property. Unfortunately, not many people can give you the correct answer when you ask them, “What exactly is the problem that is killing Ghana?” It is more heart-breaking when students who are to study to develop their potentials for problem solving do not know at all what problem of the country is it they are trying to solve for which reason they are pursuing the education. If a student does not know what problem of the country he is trying to solve, then is he doing any problem solving at all with his education?

Well, this article is a question for your mind: “What exactly is the problem that is killing Ghana?” Does the government know? Do the schools know? Do you know? If we do not know, then are we serious enough as a country? Let us have a plan for life—a plan that includes knowing the problem we are dealing with and being at the process of solving that problem.

By Kyei Osei Yaw, the same one called Nation Kyei Long-Freeman