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Ghana Central Cape Coast Travel & Tourism Join and learn Mini importation from A-Z

Join and learn Mini importation from A-Z



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Are you ready to become an entrepreneur and take control of your financial future? Look no further! Our Mini Importation Online Training Course is here to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the booming world of importation.

*Course outline for master class.*

✍️How to log in to 1688 website
✍️How to check for review before buying from a particular store
✍️How to copy link on 1688
✍️How to set up your Alipay account
✍️How to import goods with or without an agent
✍️How to log in to 1688App
✍️How to set up your hi dictionary
✍️How to search on 1688 and how to cart
✍️How to differentiate between manufacturing company and training company
✍️How to ask for refund of a particular product
✍️How to chat suppliers on 1688 App
✍️How to copy link and how to delete from cart and how to identify suppliers
✍️How to pay directly on 1688 and Alibaba website
✍️How to register your Alibaba
✍️How to copy link and how to reduce your MOQ
✍️How to search properly on Alibaba
✍️How to chat suppliers on Alibaba and 1688
✍️Cretiria to look out for before buying from a store on Alibaba
✍️Contact of reliable shipping companies in Ghana
✍️Contact of reliable agent
✍️How to make order
✍️How to import from Turkey

✅contacts of reliable shipping companies/representatives
✅how to pay your suppliers
✅how to avoid inferior goods
✅how to chat directly with manufacturer
✅how to spot a VERIFIED manufacturer
✅contacts of turkey suppliers
✅how to get suppliers contacts
how to know the grades of branded goods
how to buy and ship

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Safety Advice

  • You may pay for a product/service only when you satisfied with the product/service,
  • Investigate a product/service and the seller before effecting purchase of product/service.
  • Avoid physically meeting strangers in insecure places for delivery or payment of product/service.
  • If you are in doubt or need some assistance, feel free to call or WhatsApp any of he official numbers of Nationton Republic for answers to your questions.

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