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Ghana Brong-Ahafo Asutifi South Teaching & Training Create Professional Cartoon Animations with your Smartphone

Create Professional Cartoon Animations with your Smartphone

Offered By: Boakye Ebenezer , MEMBER


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Learn how to create Professional Cartoon Animations in four different forms using your smartphone.

The values you get as;
1. A Teacher
2. A Student
3. A Business owner
4. A child
5. An individual

What to learn.
* How to write a script with a powerful software.
* How to generate voice over for your story
* How to choose a character for the voice over to create business Advert.
* Let the cartoon speak your local language

Benefits of this training to BUSINESS OWNERS/MARKETERS?

1. Use Cartoon Animation to create advertisements for your business or products
2. It will make your brand lasting and memorable.
3. It makes your business stand out from its competitors.
4. It generate more sales
5. Customers gain trust for your brand and attracts more customers.

Benefits of this training in Teaching and learning ?

1. Cartoon Animation catches attention
2. It leads to better understanding of content
3. Very effective when using to teach moral education
4. It's a great tool for pre-school
5. It enhances thinking skills.

Now for your kids at home,

Use Your smartphone to create Cartoon videos for them.
Develop your own content based on what you want your child to learn.

After creating the cartoon, transfer it to a pendrive and insert it in the Television ? for them to watch learn and enjoy.

What can you gain from this training as an individual?

1. Create cartoon Animation for people and charge them.

2. Teach people how to create cartoon Animation and charge them.

3. Use it as entertainment.
It's a big time job for you if you create advertisements for companies, churches, institutions, organizations using cartoon Animations

Facts about this Cartoon Animation Training??

1. We are creating 4 different forms of cartoons (4 in 1)

2. We are using Pro/Premium Apps (Android/Iphone) and software.

3. Your cartoon characters can speak in any local language.

4. You can dress ? your characters the way you want. (Make-up, clothes, hair style, color, accessories etc.)

Join us with your Smartphone and create this powerful cartoon Animations

Location Address

Asutifi South, Brong-Ahafo, Ghana, 233,

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