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Ghana Greater Accra Tema Teaching & Training Learn How To Send Bulk SMS

Learn How To Send Bulk SMS

Offered By: Joseph Akuffo, MEMBER


Call: 0241180305

Requirements: Smartphone or Computer, Data.
Phone OS: Android & iPhone

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Content of the Training??*

? Setting up your bulk *SMS portal* and building the *Dashboard*

? Creating a *Standard-Type Account* for your customized bulk SMS system

? How to *Create* and *Request* for your unique *Sender ID*

? How to *top up your SMS Account* to send a message to a *large number of people* at the same time.

? How to *upload all the contacts of your customers* to your *SMS Portal*

? How to *send* your *customized bulk SMS*

? How to *schedule your message* to be sent to your customers *at anytime you want.*


? How to *create a database* for *"SUSU"* or *Savings business* involving more people.

?? How to *send a customized message* to a customer after making a *deposit* or *withdrawal.*

? How to *create a database for a school*

?? How to send a *customized message* to *parents* to update them on their wards *fees*

? How to *create a database for a church/organization*

?? How to *send a customized message* to a member after making *dues payment*

? How to *view* and *read reports* from your *SMS Portal*

How to price your contracts and projects.

*The BENEFITS you get from SMS marketing*??
1. It's *offline* . Customers don't need any Smartphone or internet to receive or read your text message.
2. You can *reach out* to all your customers and *update them* on your services and offers
3. Instant access. In less than *7 seconds* , all your customers will receive your text message
4. About *99%* of your customers will receive your text message and *take action* promptly.
Everybody opens Text messages and read because *it's short* and *easy to understand.*
5. It will *promote your business brand*
6. Your business will *lead the competition* . None of your competitors can match you.
7. You will *keep and maintain* your customers to *always buy from you.*
8. It *improves sales*

*WHO must use this Bulk and Customized SMS?*??
1. Anyone who sells any product. (Anything at all you sell)
2. Teachers/Headteachers
3. Church administrators/Leaders
4. Online Skill Trainers
5. "SUSU" collectors
6. Shop attendants
7. Service providers
8. Doctors/nurses
9. Students

*To the sellers,* you can *develop a system* so that whenever a customer purchase from you, the person will *receive a customized text message* with your brand name like this??

*Hello! Mr. Mensah, thank you for buying a Pair of Shoe from Razak Boutique.*

*We wish to see you again.*

You can actually do this for anything you sell out to your customers.

This is highly *professional* and *executive.*

Your customers will trust you more and *they will always buy from you.*
Have you ever thought of *how much you will charge* when you develop this *SMS portal* for;
A school?
A church?
A supermarket?
A hospital?
Or any business?

My brother/Sister, am talking about *thousands of cedis* here.

The *good news* is that, every business owner would love to get this system so *you will get jobs/contracts*

This great skill and opportunity will not be free for people to play with it.

I only need those who are ready to *place their businesses On Top* and also *make millions for themselves*

Location Address

Tema, Greater Accra, Ghana, 233,

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