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Ghana Central Cape Coast ICT Learn Mobile App and games development and publishing

Learn Mobile App and games development and publishing

Offered By: Jacob Albert Owusu,


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? Attention all aspiring app developers! ?
Are you ready to turn your innovative ideas into reality? Are you eager to dive into the exciting world of app development? Look no further!

Introducing our exclusive App Development Class, where we'll unleash your creative potential and equip you with the skills to build stunning, user-friendly applications from scratch.
In this training, I will teach you how to *develop Android Apps and Games With your smartphone(no coding).*

After developing the Apps, I will teach you how to *place adverts (ads) on your Apps*

After this, I will also teach you how to *publish the Apps on Google Playstore* and finally how you can get *money from your Apps*

Check details below??
*APPS & GAMES (arcade, action, others)* to develop in the training??

1. ??Video Call & Chat App
2. ??Quiz/Exams App
3. ??Photo Editor App
4. ??Web Browser App
5. ??Website App
6. ??Word Puzzle Game
7. ??Fish? Catching Game
8. ??Object Coloring App for kids
9. ?Spin the Bottle Game

*Publishing & Monetization*

10. ?Creating *Admob account* to receive your payments from Google.
11. ?Becoming *Google App Developer* to publish Apps on playstore.
12. ? *Publishing* your Apps on Google *Playstore*
13. ?Placing *Advertisements (ads)* on your Apps.
14. ? *Unpublishing* or removing your apps from playstore.
15. ? *Editing* and *Updating* your Apps
16. ?Getting *Premium Features* for your Apps
17. ?Appealing to Google to *restore a suspended App*
18. ?Calculating your *income* from your apps

Location Address

Cape Coast, Central, Ghana, 233,

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