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Dangerous Mistakes that Boys and Girls Make in the Bedroom

7th March 2022 By Nationton Republic Food, Health and Medicine

It is a common practice that these days, for at least, one of many reasons, boys and girls find themselves meeting alone in a bedroom. For example, a boy may chat with a girl on social media and then arrange for the girl to visit him. Often such meetings occur in the bedroom where the boy and the girl may be alone. Also, another common scenario is that a boy and a girl regardless of where they meet, may decide to have sex and so end up being alone in a bedroom. 

Sometimes, the boy and the girl did not plan to have sex but they are in the room and they end up having sex. The grave mistake they make is that because they did not plan to have sex, they are without sexual protection like condom and so they end having unprotected sex. Sometimes too, they planned that they would have sex alright and so they meet having condoms with them but sometimes, they run shot of the condom as they engage in several rounds of sex. Eventually, because they have run out of condoms, they engage in unprotected sex. Moreover, some people meet for the first time; they do not know of the health status of their partner yet they take the risk and have unprotected sex.

The dangerous mistake that some boys and girls make in the bedroom is that sometimes, they let their desire to have sex outweigh their fear of the risk of contracting Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI). For what reason at all should you trust that the person you have just met is free from STI? Even if you know them, why should you just believe that they are free from STI? Do not let the 5 minutes of pleasure cost you a life-threatening illness. Be rational and insist on protection if you are not sure of the STI status of the partner you are about to have sex with. Everyone could be a victim and no one is an exemption so keep this in mind and save your life. Note that condoms are not 100% safe. Sometimes they can tear during sexual intercourse. Abstinence is safer. Stay healthy; stay alive.

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