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Ghana's Universities & Colleges are Poor at Education and are Overrated -- Kyei Osei Yaw

25th February 2022 By Nationton Republic Education

Although it feels prestigious to be a university or college student, Ghana's universities and colleges are ineffective at education and they are overrated. They are not what they appear to be. Shame on you, all of you teachers and lecturers who take salary but do not push for a better education. You go on strike and demand for bigger salary but you do not go on strike in demand for better education. Some of you lecturers have been practicing the same poor teaching repetitively for years so much that you have memorized the things you teach. So, year after year, you go into those classrooms to dictate notes from memory to students and take salary for doing such poor teaching. What else do you give to students apart from writing notes for them to copy?

Shame on you all you authorities of the universities and colleges who do not concern yourselves with innovation and invention in solution making but just take salary for bearing titles and occupying positions. Shame on you, all you intellectual giants in Ghana who are only known by the titles and degrees you hold and not by solution you have created.

If you think universities and colleges are just for training students to obtain certificates and then sending them to go hunt for jobs, I am sorry you are wrong and you lack understanding of what education is. Education is a tool to determine problems of the country and solve them. Unfortunately, what you do with education is that you use education to provide certificates to students and send them to go hunt for jobs. I am talking to you, all you universities and colleges in Ghana and all you teachers and educational authorities in Ghana. You have reduced teaching and learning to writing and copying notes and you have reduced education to merely giving certificates and degrees to students. The certificates and degrees you give to students are empty and meaningless; they do not guarantee that the students have acquired the ability to solve problems. We have however seen that the students who obtain the certificates and degrees lack badly at problem solving many of them can't even figure out the basic solution of putting their knowledge and skill to work to create jobs for themselves. They have become unemployed graduates and have shamelessly formed association of unemployed graduates. After over about 20 years of education, from kindergarten to the university, these graduates are probably not aware that they are to solve problems. They rather think someone should give them jobs and I say this is a shame!

I thought that you schools should be the hope of the country when it comes to solving problems of the country but you are not what you are supposed to be. You have missed the meaning and purpose of education. You are ineffective at education and you are overrated. Instead of training students into problem solvers, you train them into job seekers; instead of training students into problem solvers, you train them into job hunters. My advice to you is that train the students into problem solvers, not job seekers; train the students into problem solvers, not job hunters. My name is Kyei Osei Yaw. I am the same one called Nation Kyei Long-Freeman and I am for the progress of Ghana.

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