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Some Ghana Students Make Friends with a Big Enemy of Ghana

28th February 2022 By Nationton Republic Education

This is not a joke. It is a serious matter that we have to pay attention to. How does it help when students become friends with an enemy of their nation? Students are sent to school so that they may acquire quality education and help build the nation and the world. However, when the students finally reach the schools, many of them fall for the seduction of an enemy of the nation and become friends with the enemy.

The students have named the enemy, “Chew, Pour, Pass and Forget”. This means the students indulge in the practice where they just memorize what their teachers and lecturers teach them; during examination, they write back verbatim for the teachers the things they memorized, get to pass the examination and after that they just forget it. This “Chew, Pour, Pass and Forget” is a very big enemy to the development of problem-solving capabilities which we expect in students and thus is a big enemy of the nation since with it students do not bring any innovation to help solve the nation’s problems and advance the nation.

There is no wonder that there seems to be no difference whether or not a person has completed university or has not attended any university at all. After graduation, many of the students are just like any ordinary person who never attended any university because they do not have any novel contribution to the nation other than seek for jobs. They don’t know what to do with their education other than hope someone employs them.

Financial, health, economic, social, technological and many more problems are inevitable in our country. If we are to progress as a nation and enjoy some security, peace and happiness, we should be able to face these problems with highly efficient solutions other than just the usual “school-to-job-seeking” achievement and the government-parliamentary decisions. Unless efficient solutions can come from among us other than from international sources, where is our security as a nation?

It is irresponsible of any person in the nation to not be concerned about what input students bring to the nation after school. The “Chew, Pour, Pass and Forget” mindset which students practice in the universities is an enemy to the nation’s progress but unfortunately the students love it because it is an easy way to the certificates and degrees which they so much want to get.

By Kyei Osei Yaw, the same one called Nation Kyei Long-Freeman

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