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Has Elon Musk Identified the Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto?

11th March 2022 By Nationton Republic News

Elon Musk is the wealthiest person in the world. Sometimes, he posts tweets about Bitcoin, and sometimes when he does, the price of Bitcoin drops. Elon Musk has posted a photo on Twitter that has got many people talking. The photo appears to give a hint about who the anonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto is.

On the Photo, there are 4 logos, which are, logo of SamSung, logo of Toshiba, logo of Nakamichi, and the logo of Motorolla. Some of the first letters of each logo have been circled so that if the letters that are circled are arranged, they form the name, “Satoshi Nakamoto”. On the logo of SamSung, “Sa” is circled; on the logo of Tosbiba, “Toshi” is circled; on the logo of Nakamichi, “Naka” is circled and on the logo of Motorolla, “Moto” is circled.

It appears that many people understood the message that Elon Musk is trying to send across and many people who saw the tweet on Twitter have posted comments. Below are some of the comments some people have posted in response to the Elon Musk’s tweet:

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