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Study Shows That Too Much Sleep Could Lead to Premature Death

21st March 2022 By Nationton Republic Food, Health and Medicine

Research reports that sleeping too much could lead to premature death. In a study published in the European Heart Journal, the researchers followed 116, 632 participants for a period of about 7 years, 8 months. They recorded 4,381 deaths and 4,365 major cardiovascular events. The study found that both shorter sleep duration (less than 6 hours of sleep per day) and longer sleep duration (more than 8 hours of sleep per day) were associated with increased risk of death and cardiovascular events (incidents that could cause problems to the heart).

In a similar study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, IFL Science,  gives the interpretation of the study that, regularly sleep for over 10 hours of sleep is associated with 30% increased risk of dying compared with 7 hours of sleep. IFL Science continues to report that the study showed a 56% increased risk of dying from stroke, 49% increased risk of dying cardiovascular diseases and 44% increased risk of coronary heart disease.

IFL Science  and WebMD report that excessive sleep has been linked with major health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of premature death.

Both studies also report that regular lack of adequate sleep is linked with increased risk of death and cardiovascular problems but excessive sleep is worse than lack of adequate sleep.

These days, given that technology such as mobile devices, television sets and internet are common and easy to access, eating and sleeping while using these devices is common. Intensive jobs and medication that lead people to oversleep are common. Hopefully, this report will help you to fight both lack of sleep and excessive sleep.

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